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Penny Curtis, Linda Ball, Mavis Kirkham
British Journal of Midwifery, Vol. 14, Iss. 6, 01 Jun 2006, pp 336 - 338

In 2004, the National Midwifery Recruitment Retention and Return to Practice Project was launched to co-ordinate recruitment into and retention within the midwifery workforce. Findings from the Why do Midwives Leave? study (Ball, Curtis and Kirkham 2002) provide insights into the employment choices that midwives made when they ceased to practice as midwives. Two thirds of leavers continued in paid employment outside of midwifery. The overwhelming majority of these found alternative employment in a health related area. As the National Health Service redoubles its efforts to entice midwifery leavers back to practise, it is important to recognize that many have already secured alternative employment. These new jobs may be fulfilling many, if not all, of midwifery leavers work-related needs.

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