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Rachel Reed, Margaret Barnes, Jan Allan
British Journal of Midwifery, Vol. 17, Iss. 2, 05 Feb 2009, pp 106 - 109

The presence of a nuchal cord, where the umbilical cord is around the neck at the point of birth is a common occurrence, and checking for, and managing a nuchal cord has become part of routine midwifery practice. Whilst a tight nuchal cord is associated with some short-term morbidity, it is unclear whether such outcomes are actually a result of the presence of the nuchal cord itself, or as a result of clamping and cutting the cord. The action of looping a loose nuchal cord over the babyís head before the emergence of the body may also interfere with the normal physiology of birth. In addition womenís experience of birthing a baby with a nuchal cord has not been explored. The association of nuchal cords with danger is embedded within our culture and influences parentís perceptions. Therefore, childbirth education needs to address the issues surrounding this commonly occurring situation.

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